Expand Your Business with Landscape Lighting Installation 

Landscape lighting is a quick and easy way to expand your business services and drive revenue. Charged with establishing ambiance and promoting comfort and safety, it’s often adding the missing puzzle piece to essentially any outdoor project. With homeowners, landscape lighting translates into sheer enjoyment from prolonging the time they can spend basking in the outdoor sanctuary you created. The more clients who experience that enjoyment, the more business you’ll drum up.  

Using Landscape Lighting as an Added Service  

Whether your business specializes in swimming pools, landscape design, or lawn maintenance, installing low-voltage landscape lighting can be the added ingredient that gives your business model extra flavor. Today’s outdoor lighting industry is teeming with an eclectic menu of fixtures, bulbs, and accessories that allow you to reach clients of different budgets, locations, and tastes. If you’ve been under contract for an outdoor kitchen or patio job, you’ve more than likely been hit with requests for outdoor lighting services.  

Offering this added service not only pads your business with versatility and value but also it affords the customer the convenience of doing business under one roof, saving them time and hassle dealing with multiple companies.  

The possible drawback of this supplemental service is that spreading your assets too wide can chisel down the overall quality of your work. One way to combat this is to partner with a preferred vendor. Roping in a local lighting professional saves you from fielding maintenance calls and possibly from installing the landscape lighting system depending on the vendor. Regardless, offering outdoor lighting is a safe bet to earn more profit—especially with landscape lighting’s snowballing popularity.  

Using Landscape Lighting as a Stand-Alone Service  

To answer the landscape lighting revolution, many landscape-related businesses with existing clients offer the service in a specialty sense. Once you’ve generated a business model and marketing model, the rest should be relatively simple.  

Tips on Starting a Landscape Lighting Service  

  • Have a tight grip on the target market. Explore certifications in your area, state, or at the national level, confirming local ordinances to ensure your installations are still up-to-code with the new additions.  
  • Do your research. Educate yourself on the knowledge required to adequately tailor lighting fixtures to your primary skillset to maintain your professional status and reputation.  
  • Recalibrate your marketing strategy. Include details and visuals highlighting your thrilling new service.  

For further guidance about starting your landscape lighting venture, don’t hesitate to consult one of our expert Customer Service representatives. 

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