bistro string lights adorning a residential deck surrounding a fire bistro string lights adorning a residential deck surrounding a fire

Finding the Best Outdoor String Lights

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    Outdoor string lights aren’t just for decoration; they turn your patio into a cozy, charming hangout spot. 

    Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner with family under the soft comforting glow or throwing a festive summer party with twinkling bulbs, outdoor string lights can transform your space by creating the atmosphere that you want on demand.

    With outdoor string lights, you have the power to craft an outdoor oasis that reflects your style and meets your needs. Whether you choose the durability of plastic bulbs or the elegant clarity of glass bulbs, your patio can become a canvas for your imagination.

    Join us as we explore the benefits of outdoor string lights, discover the differences between bulb materials, and share exciting installation and design ideas to help you bring your patio vision to life.

    Plastic vs. Glass-Crafted Bulbs: Choosing the Right Material for Your Needs

    When selecting outdoor string lights, one of the key decisions is choosing between plastic and glass bulbs. Each material has its advantages and drawbacks, so let’s break down what you can expect from each.

    Plastic Bulbs

    Plastic bulbs are ideal for outdoor use. Their shatterproof nature ensures they can withstand rough conditions without breaking, which has several advantages.

    • Durability: Plastic bulbs are incredibly durable and can withstand various weather conditions without breaking. This makes them an excellent choice for outdoor use, especially in areas prone to high winds or storms.

    • Safety: Since plastic bulbs are shatterproof, they are safer to use around children and pets. If a bulb does happen to fall, there’s no risk of dangerous glass shards scattering across your patio or yard.

    • Maintenance: Plastic bulbs are easy to maintain. They don’t require special handling, and you don’t need to worry about cleaning up broken pieces.

    Glass Bulbs

    Glass bulbs offer a superior quality of light and a more elegant look. They provide a clearer, brighter illumination that enhances the sophistication of your outdoor patio space. Here are some things to consider.

    • Designs: Glass bulbs often provide a clearer, more aesthetically pleasing light compared to plastic bulbs. The clarity and quality of light from glass bulbs can enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space, giving it a more sophisticated look.

    • Sturdiness: While glass is generally sturdier and provides a more solid feel, it can be a hassle if it breaks. Shards of glass can be a safety hazard, particularly around pools or grassy areas.

    • Longevity: The filaments or diodes inside of glass bulbs tend to have a longer lifespan and can be more energy-efficient, offering long-term cost savings despite the higher initial investment.

    Explore Our Illuminating Inventory

    Lighting Warehouse offers a variety of products to help you create the perfect outdoor string light setup. Here are some highlights from our Prime Patio catalog.

    Install Kits for Outdoor String Lights

    Our install kits include all the necessary components to securely hang your bistro lights. From suspended cable kits to structural attachment kits, we’ve got everything you need for a stable setup.

    • Suspended Cable Kit: Ideal for hanging lights across open spaces, providing a stable and secure setup for your string lights.


    Bistro Bulbs for Outdoor String Lights

    Transform your patio into a charming café or the perfect reception venue with our bistro bulbs. Choose from durable plastic options or elegant glass-crafted bulbs, available in various shapes and sizes to match your unique design vision.

    • Plastic Bistro Bulbs: Durable and shatterproof, available in various shapes and sizes.
    • Glass Bistro Bulbs: Elegant and clear, providing superior light quality.

    Bistro Wire for Outdoor String Lights

    Heavy-duty bistro wire ensures your lights remain securely in place, even in harsh weather conditions. It’s the perfect solution for maintaining a safe and sturdy lighting setup.

    Waterproof Wire Connectors for Outdoor String Lights

    Waterproof wire connectors are crucial for ensuring secure, weather-resistant connections in your outdoor lighting setup. Without them, you risk exposed wires, short circuits, and potential electrical hazards. Available in straight, T-shape, and cross shape options, these connectors provide flexibility and reliability in your lighting design.


    Avoid the hazards of twisting wires together and using electrical tape, which can result in dangerous and unreliable connections. Instead, use waterproof wire connectors to ensure the safety and longevity of your outdoor string lights.

    Bistro Lighting Ideas and Trends

    Explore creative ways to use bistro lights in your outdoor space, from classic overhead stringing to modern industrial looks. Discover seasonal themes, DIY canopies, and more to enhance your patio ambiance.

    1. Classic Overhead String Lights

    Create a timeless look by draping outdoor string lights overhead. This method works well for patios, decks, and pergolas. The crisscross pattern provides even lighting and adds a touch of elegance.

    2. DIY Canopy

    If standard stringing isn’t enough for you, you can get creative and transform your patio into a cozy retreat by creating a canopy of outdoor string lights. Use a suspended cable kit to hang lights in a zigzag or tent-like pattern. This setup is perfect for intimate gatherings or romantic dinners.

    3. Highlighting Pathways and Garden Beds

    Use string lights to line garden paths or flower beds from above. This not only enhances the beauty of your landscape but also provides functional lighting for nighttime strolls.

    4. Accenting Outdoor Features

    Highlight key features of your outdoor space, such as a water fountain, sculpture, or tree. You can use the special features of your yard or garden as a connection point to wrap or drape string lights in a way that creates focal points and adds depth to your outdoor space.

    5. Modern Industrial Look

    For a contemporary feel, combine string lights with other industrial elements like metal furniture and exposed brick. Glass-crafted bulbs work particularly well with this style, providing a sleek and polished appearance.

    6. Seasonal Themes

    Customize your outdoor string lighting to reflect different seasons or holidays. Use colored bulbs or additional decorations such as lanterns and ornaments to celebrate occasions like Halloween, Christmas, or the Fourth of July.

    7. Mix and Match

    Combine different types of outdoor string lights to create a unique look. Use both plastic and glass bulbs in various colors and sizes to add a playful touch to your outdoor decor.

    Installation for Outdoor String Lights

    When installing your outdoor string lights, here are some tips to ensure a safe and aesthetically pleasing setup:

    • Plan Your Layout: Before you start hanging lights, plan your layout. Measure the area and determine the best locations for attaching the lights. This will help you avoid any surprises during installation.

    • Use Proper Hardware: Use the appropriate hardware for your installation surface. Hooks, eye bolts, and cable ties can help secure your lights and prevent them from sagging.

    • Test Your Lights: Before hanging, test all your lights to ensure they work properly. This will save you time and effort in the long run.

    • Secure Connections: Use waterproof wire connectors to secure your connections. This ensures that your lights remain operational even in wet conditions.

    • Avoid Overloading: Don’t overload your circuits. Check the wattage of your bulbs and make sure it doesn’t exceed the capacity of your electrical system.

    Final Glow: Transform Your Patio with Outdoor String Lights

    Outdoor string lights are a versatile and stylish option for illuminating your outdoor space. Whether you prefer the durability of plastic bulbs or the clarity of glass-crafted bulbs, there’s a perfect solution for your needs. With various installation kits, wires, and connectors available from Lighting Warehouse, setting up your bistro lights has never been easier.


    By exploring different lighting ideas and trends, you can create a unique and inviting atmosphere that enhances your outdoor living experience. So, get creative, plan your setup, and transform your patio into a beautifully lit haven with Prime Patio outdoor string lights.


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